Question 1 to 4.score each.Answer any 3.

1.Which of the following represent a compound? (Nitrogen,Oxygen,Water,Hydrrogen)

2.Which of the following is a mixture? (Water,Ice,Salt,Sugar Solution)

3.The apparatus used for separating immiscible liquids from their mixture is______ (Centrifuge,Funnel,China dish,Separating funnel)

4.Name the acid represented by the chemical formula H2SO4. (Nitric acid,Sulphurous acid,Sulphuric acid,Nitrous acid)

Question 5 to 9.2 scores each.(Answer any 4)

5.The symbol of element oxygen is O.What do the following represents? (a)  502               (b) 60

6.How many molecules are present in 7n2? Find the total number of atoms in it?

7.a)Balance the given chemical equation. b)Identify the reactants in this reaction?

8)Completed the given table.

9. Clissify the following into diatomic molecules and polyatomic molecles. O2 , NA ,LI ,N2 ,S8 ,H2 ,P4

Question 10 – 13.score 3 each.Answer any three.

10.Find the total number of atoms present in each of the following molecules. a) 7CuSo4                        b) C12H22O11

11.a)What do you mean by diffusion? b) The smell of hot food spread quickly to a long distance.Explain the reason on the basis of diffusion?

12.Match the following

13.Select the most suitable method of separating,used in the following situations from the methods given in the bracket. (Sublimation,Fractional Distillation,Centrifugation,Filtration,Distillation) a) The distilled water used for injection. b) To separate methanol and ethanol from their mix having a small difference in their boiling points. c) To separate components of a mixture of ammonia and sand.