Answer any four question from 1 to 5.Each carries 2 sores. (4*2=8)

1. In the picture  △ ABC is isosceles with AB=AC. <B=40ᶿ (a) What is the measure of <c? (b) Find <A.

2. One outer angle of a regular polygon is 72ᶿ. (a) Find the number of sides. (b) Find the measure of one inner angle.

3.   (a) For getting (30+2)2,which number is added to 302+22 (b) For getting (x+y)2,which number is added to  x2+y2,

4. Can the sides of a triangle be in the ratio 2:3:5.why?

5. Draw a square with diagonal 6cm.

Answer any 4 questions from 6 to 11.Each carries 3 scores.  (4*3=12)

6. The length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:2.The perimeter is 80cm. (a) What is length+breadth. (b) Find the length and breadth.

7. One side of a rhombus is 13cm long and its smaller diagonal hasnlength 10cm.Find the length of the larger diagonal.

8. Draw a paeallelogram with one side 5cm and the lengths of its diagonals are 8cm and 6cm.

9. A TV manufacture reduces the price of a particular model by 5% every year.The current price of this model is 8000 rupees. What would be the price after 3 years?

10. Find the following. (a) 31*41 (b) 1022 (c) 862-142

11. Two quantities are in the ratio 3:5.If the smaller is doubled and the larger is halved,what would be the ratio be.

Answer any 4 questions from 12 to 17.Each crries 4 scores. (4*4=6)

12. In the picture ABCDEF is a regular hexagon.

a) what is the measure of one angle of a regular hexagon. b) Prove that △ BDF is an equilateral triangle.

13. A squre of 9 numbers from a callender is given. B+H=20.Find all the numbers.

14. Naveen borrowed 24000 rupees from a bank at 10% interest compounded half yearly.At the end of first year Naveen replayed 6460 rupees.Then what is the total Naveen has to repay at the end of 2 years.

15. In the picture four equals trapeziums are joined to form the pattern.Draw this picture.

16. In the quadrilateral ABCD AB=6cm ,BC=4cm,CD=7cm,AD=5cm,AC=8cm.Draw the quadrilateral ABCD

17. Look at the following number pattern. 52-12=8*3  62-22=8*4 72-32=8*5 82-42=8*6
(a) Write the next two  lines. (b) Explain the general principle by using algebra.

Read the following mathematical concept and answer the questions below (4*1=4)

18. Look at the following number pattern.       42-9=1*7 52-9=2*8  62-9=3*9      72-9=4*1 ………………. ……………….

(a) 82-9=………… (b) 92-9= 6*12 (c) 202-9=……………*…………. (d) (x+3)2-9=………………………