Activity :1 Reading Comprehension 

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:-

Many years ago,there lived a king of Scotland and his name was Robert Bruce.He was a brave and wise king.He had to be brave because his country was at war with England.And he  had to be wise because England was bigger than Scotland and had a much bigger army. Robert Bruce led his small army against England six times.And, all the six times,he lost.At last Robert Bruce and his army had no choice-they had to run away.Some men ran into the woods and others into the cave.Here and there they hid and waited. One rainy day Robert Bruce was lying in a cave.The rain fell hard outside.He felt tried.His army had lost six times.As he lay there,he saw a spider iver his head.The spider was getting ready to weave her web. Six times she tried to throw her thread from one edge to the other.And six times,her thread was too short to reach the edge.But the spider did not lose hope.With more care,she tried another time.This time the thread reached the edge and stuck. “Yes”!cried Bruce.”I can do this too! I will also try a seventh time “!.So the king called his army men together and led them into battle for a seventh time.And now it was their victory.

1. Bruce had to be wise because a) he was the king of Scotland. b) England was bigger than Scotland and had a much bigger army. c) his army men were wise. d) he fought against England six times.

2. The spider tried for a seventh time because. a) she succeeded six times b) she was not tried c) she lost six times d) she did not lose her hope.

3. The lesson Robert Bruce learned from the spider is.. a) to give up the battle b) to discontinue the battle c) To run away from the country d) To lead the battle for a seventh time.

4. Which of the following is NOT a suitable title for the story? a) Try and try until you succeed b) Slow and steady wins the race  c) Hard work never fails d) A stitch in time saves nine.

5. What similarity do you find in the efforts of Robert Bruce and the spider? a) Both of them are hard working b) Both of them are lazy c) Robert Bruce was hard working and the spider was lazy d) The spider was hard working and the Robert Bruce was lazy 

Answer any FOUR from Activity 1 to Activity 7.

Activity 2 –Description

The boy in the story ‘How far is the river?’ reached the hill side. He was excited to see the beautiful sights there. He decided to write a description of the place.  Describe the place (Hints:hill track,uneven road,trees on both sides,stream,thorny plants,lonely place)

Activity 3- Thoughts

  “The boy gasped,and began to run.He slipped and stumbles,but still,he ran.Then he was ankle deep in the painfully cold mountain water.And the water was blue and white,and wonderful” After a long tedious journey,the boy in the story,touched the cool refreshing river water. At this moments,what would be his thoughts?Write them. (Hints:feelings and emotions,refreshness of matter,fulfillment of his desire)

Activity 4 –Appreciating a poem

The sun does arise, And makes happy the skies. The merry bells ring To welcome the spring. The sky lark and thrush The bird of the bush, Sing louder around To the bells cheerful sound.         1. Find out any two pairs of rhyming word from these lines. 2. Pick out any two visual images used in these lines. 3. Cite an example of alliteration

Activity 5 :Editing

Edit the following passage.

It was an(a)sunny afternoon.the(b) inmates of the bungalow were of (c) their siesta.A cyclist rang his bell at the gate frantically and shouted, “A big cobra has get (d) into your compound.It crossed my wheel.”He pointed to its track under the gate,and resumed his jurney(e).

Activity 6: Letter writing

Have you read the story ‘A Snake in the Grass’?The eldest son decided to write a letter to his father who was working abroad. He described the incidents that happened in the house.

What would be the likely letter?Write the letter.

Activity 7 : Sequence the story

 You listened to the story ‘Greedy mouse’ in your Hello English class.And you designed a book too based on the story.Read the sentences given below and rearrange the story in the correct order. 1. The mouse tried to get out the basket but failed. 2.The mouse made a hole and squeezed into the basket.It ate lot of rice and its belly became big. 3. A cat came and lifted the lid of the basket.It jumped into the basket. 4. A rabbit came and advised the mouse to wait till his belly became small.But the mouse ate more rice. 5. One day a mouse was very hungry.he saw a basket full of rice.